The Conversation You’re NOT Having with Your Gyno (and Why You SHOULD)


Apart from the awkward chit-chat we make while our feet are in the stirrups, a lot of us don’t have a very open dialogue with our gynecologists. In fact, a new study of 341 Swiss gynecologists found that less than 10 percent of the doctors surveyed spoke to their patients about sexual issues, and only 28 percent offered appointments solely for sexual health problems. Although this study only surveyed Swiss gynecologists, it’s more than likely that these findings apply in the U.S., too, as most women and doctors rush through appointments and side-step the sensitive issues.

According to the new research published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, the times gynos do tend to ask women about their sex lives and sexual health are at the onset of menopause, after childbirth, following gynecological surgery, or when starting a new birth control method. Those are pretty major milestones, but what about the rest of the time? Even though sexual problems are regarded as an important issue in gynecological care, the study concluded that addressing patients’ sexuality on a regular basis is still not part of routine practice.


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