The Awesome Rock Climber Baby!

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Little Ellie Farmer from Arizona had her own rock wall when she was just 2 months old. At 8 months, she would use the wall to balance herself and eventually learned to climb the wall.

ellie 1

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Her very proud parents, Rachael and Zak Farmer, take her to the gym 5 times a week to practice. This is very tiring as the sessions are 30-60 minutes. The highest wall she has ever climbed was 7 feet. Her parents let her do her thing and only spot her when she’s a foot above from the ground. There are also additional spotters to help out Ellie but they never intervene. At 20 months now, she practices “bouldering”, which does not require the use of ropes. This is because she is still way too young for a harness. She has a crash pad below which supports her when she falls and is very fluffy.

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Since both parents are competitive climbers, Ellie has been nicknamed “The Rock Prodigy” while still in Rachael’s womb. But now, she is known as the “Little Zen Monkey” because of her strength and awesome calmness when climbing. By her second birthday, she will be able to climb with a harness.

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