Palm Springs Celebrity Wonder Woman Lynda Carter


Her best-known onscreen character can outrun jungle cats, leap from tall buildings to land firmly on her feet, read minds, speak all the human languages throughout history, and repel bullets with her wrist cuffs. Still, the actress is humbled to be called a “superstar.”

Lynda Carter has become an American cultural icon, embodying many of the same qualities of her Wonder Woman character, Diana Prince: fighting for justice, peace, and love — and inspiring females of all ages to embrace their power.

During a recent visit to Palm Springs to celebrate her Golden Palm Star dedication as the 369th honoree on the Palm Springs Walk of Stars, the Emmy Award-winning actress and singer, sporting chic white slacks and a pastel jacket, exuded a softer appearance than her superhuman alter ego. But as she smiled at her fans, enchanting them with her signature sparkling blue-gray eyes, her own human powers to captivate were revealed — no cape needed.

Carter was chosen for her achievements in show business as well as her philanthropic and humanitarian efforts.

“The ceremony brought tears to my eyes,” Carter says. “What beautiful things to say about another human being … it brings you to a personal place. It is a recognition of your work.”

Surrounded by family and close friends, including husband Robert Altman and television host Mary Hart, Carter was presented with her star by Bionic Woman actress Lindsay Wagner. The pair have been friends for more than 30 years, bonding over their shared experiences as television industry pioneers and strong leading ladies, as well as raising families. Carter also acknowledged her two children at the ceremony’s reception speech — son Jamie is about to pass the bar and daughter Jessica is attending law school.

“I am most proud of my family and what they do,” Carter says. “Nothing can exceed that.”


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