J Lo’s Too Sexy For Morocco


J Lo concert outfits

The Mazawine Festival-Rhythms of the World started in 2001. This modern yet cultural event aims to spread awareness and acceptance of diversity. This year, Jennifer Lopez was one of the talented artists who opened the festival on May 29 in Rabat, the capital city of Morocco.

It seems like the pop diva irked some people there, which is not unlikely considering their culture. And no doubt that the social media network will be flooded with various opinions. JDP (Justice and Development Party) Communications Minister Mustafa Al-Khalfi thought that broadcasting the show was unacceptable and against the law. He even tweeted his sentiments. Another official from the JDP, Abdessamad Al-Idrissi, took to Facebook to say that the festival is shameful.

Even though the negative comments have been publicized more than the positive ones, we can absolutely say that Jennifer Lopez gave them a jaw-dropping performance. Whether it be from shock because of what she had on, or from awe because of her vocals and dance moves, she definitely had their attention.

J Lo has a great body and she wants to highlight her assets. There’s nothing wrong with that. However, more consideration about the audience and their culture certainly would’ve earned her more points. But she wouldn’t be J Lo without this outfits now, would she?

Photos: Time Inc  Morocco World News