Goodbye, Bruce… Hello, Caitlyn Jenner!


The 65-year-old patriarch of the Kardashians will grace the cover of Vanity Fair’s July issue. But you would not be seeing the Bruce Jenner that you have been watching. He is long gone! You will be meeting Caitlyn Jenner. She has been photographed by the very talented Annie Leibovitz. Way back in April, Bruce said that he identifies as a woman when he was interviewed by Diane Sawyer on ABC.

Caitlyn had been struggling with gender issues since childhood. She turned to sports and became one of the best athletes of the world. She pointed out that being confused with her sexuality, a dyslexic, and other issues made her work really really hard. Although she describes the day that she received her Olympic Gold Medal as a good day, she thinks that the 2-day photo shoot for Vanity Fair were 2 of the best days of her life. She is excited and not scared about what people’s reaction might be when the magazine hits the stands.

Ever since Diane’s piece was aired, Caitlyn had been continuously receiving letters from all over the world. She reads all of them and tries to answer as much as she can. She also told a story about a trans woman that she spoke with for 45 minutes as she thinks she can learn much from her.

Caitlyn also thinks that people like her more than they have ever liked Bruce. Bruce had a lot of secrets whereas Caitlyn is candidly honest. His son, Burt, has told him that he thinks Caitlyn is a better person than Bruce and Caitlyn wholeheartedly agrees with him. Her 89-year-old mom has yet to meet her. Although Bruce was very frugal, Caitlyn will be sending a plane to pick up her mom and her sister. He doesn’t seem to be worried as his mom is a very open-minded person and she hopes that her mom will just shrug it off once they have met and talked.

Initially, Caitlyn was very worried about her “presentation” of her self. She didn’t want to look like a drag queen. She wanted to look feminine, to make sure that the people around would be comfortable and at ease. But during the Vanity Fair shoot, he caught a glimpse of himself in the mirror and his reflection empowered her.

Well, she looks great for a 65-year-old and if she is a better person now, she feels free from her burden, then good for her! What do you think? Let us know your thoughts!


Photos: Pinterest  Design Taxi  Vanity Fair