Caitlyn Jenner Has A New TV Show


Just days after learning about Caitlyn Jenner’s metamorphosis, we got word that she will be starring in an 8-part documentary series which is aptly titled “I Am Cait”. Each episode runs for an hour. E! has released a teaser video for the new show and a lot of people are already speculating about what approach the show would take.

We would all be witnesses to Caitlyn living the life that she had never thought possible. Of course the focal point would be Caitlyn’s transition but we would also see how these changes in her life will affect the people she love.

Cait is overwhelmed by the support from people across the globe. She has always had the full support of her family, her children, and loved ones even when she was still Bruce and they are still with her as she goes through this journey.

What would you like to see on this show?


The premiere of I Am Cait will be on Sunday, July 26 at 9 PM on E!