Bust These 5 Hair Coloring Myths

Image source: Flickr - Paul Padshewscky

Author Amy Schlinger of The Gloss, sat down with Meaghan Frayne, artistic development director at Angelo David Salon in New York City, to debunk some myths when it comes to changing your hair color. Bust these 5 major hair coloring myths and banish your biggest fears.

Myth #1: I’m afraid to wash my hair because washing takes off colors.

Image source: Flickr - kris krug
Image source: Flickr – kris krug

If you come in with your hair freshly washed, especially if you have a sensitive scalp, it does leave room for irritation when it comes to color—that is unless you’re getting a color gloss or a semi-permanent dye. “These are gentle and non-oxidative so you want the hair to be clean in order to get the ample color,” says Frayne.

If you’re going for gray coverage, come in with hair just a few days dirty so any build-up from skin care products won’t affect the color, and you’ll protect yourself from irritation.

For highlights and in most blonde case scenarios, the salon will be using dye with bleach in it. “Bleach will eat through any product on your hair so it can be dirty, even unwashed for two weeks,” explains Frayne.




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