8 Tips To Prepare School Lunch Boxes


With the return of children to school because they prepare food for them all this takes command of care and attention . Here we present to you some general tips and important for the preparation of food cans for your children to school.

The quality of foods

Be sure to first with the school of the quality of the foods children are allowed to take them established policies vary from school to school.

List of foods

Make sure you also foods that your children can be purchased from the school and what is displayed on the list of foods.

Prior scheme

Draw an outline around the meals that you want to send to school with your children since the beginning of the week and my list of purchases before you go to the purchasing office .

Prepare meals

Urban meals the night before the school day because you might do not you find the time to be prepared in the morning with all the consequent need of the tasks of up to children . But of course , avoid cutting the fruits that changes color in advance.

Involve children

Make feel your children that they are interested in the subject of food preparation ! Allow them for meals that love to eat and Allow them to help you buy and the preparation and packaging .

To create a balance

create a balance between what is meals of milk products , fruit and vegetables , grains , protein and other …

To facilitate the intake of foods

Urban easy handling any food chopped , peeled … Childrens have only about 20 minutes to eat.

Water- rich foods

If your children do not drink a lot of water , Make your diet rich in water or give them fresh juice compensates for the lack of water in their body.

Image courtesy of landofcooking.com