8 “Not Normal” Things that Become “Normal” When You Become a Mom

Image source: kickvick.com

Once you become a mother, your whole life changes. The way you see things and the way you treat others changes. Changes such as your life no longer revolves around you, you will no longer be able to go out the way you used to, holidays become holidays for the kids and there are many “not normal” things that will become “normal” things when you become a mom.


Image source: kickvick.com
Image source: kickvick.com

1. You Don’t Look Like You

Many women are shocked to learn they’ll still look pregnant after delivering. “I tell women to bring pregnancy clothes to wear home from the hospital, since they’ll look about seven months pregnant when they leave,” LaCoursiere says. “Many women aren’t back to pre-pregnancy weight six weeks after having a baby; it takes time.” Don’t silently criticize your body. Try to stay positive and remind yourself that your body doesn’t have to be like this forever. Go to a new moms’ stroller-cise class and enjoy some fresh air (and make new friends!) while slimming down.