7 Amazing Things That Babies Do In The Womb

Stress at the pregnant woman at home

Ever wondered what your baby is up to in the womb? I know I did. 9 months is a long time to be in there and apart from growing and developing what, exactly, are they up to? This list originally appeared on The Stir and is too good not to share! Here’s what the scientists have to say about what your fetus is up to during your pregnancy:

1. They develop tastes for certain foods.

Has pregnancy given you insatiable cravings for Taco Bell? If so, expect your kid to be a chalupa connoisseur himself. That’s because the nutrients in the food you eat seep into your amniotic fluid, which the fetus gulps down and can “taste” by 20 weeks. And your tastes rub off: One study found that mothers who regularly ate carrots gave birth to little bunny-wannabe babies who love carrots more than babies whose moms didn’t eat this vegetable much.

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