6 Ways to Stop Whining


Whining has to be one of the biggest sources of frustration for most parents. It is natural for children of all ages to whine. From a toddler to a four-year-old, whining can be a result of many things. Here are few points to ponder why your child may be whining and how to prevent it in the future.

Why Kids Whine –

  • Your child doesn’t feel acknowledged by you and is looking for attention.
  • Your child is hungry, tired or worn out.
  • Your child has made whining a habit. This tends to happen if they get what they want the first few times they try it out.
  • Your child is frustrated – they don’t have the words they need to express how they feel, so they revert to whining

1. When your child first tries to communicate, acknowledge them

Children often use whining as a backup when they’re being ignored in order to get your attention. By acknowledging them the first time (even if it’s to say that they need to wait a minute and then you’ll talk to them), they’re less likely to start whining.

whiningSource: Parent Reviewers