6 Celebrities Who Are Financially Savvy and Give Back!


Celebrities have everything going for them: money, fame, and access to amazing fashion. This is why it is so refreshing when we see celebrities who are actually business-savvy and smart with their money, but also generous when it comes to the right causes. Here are 6 celebrities who are financially savvy and give back :


The pop diva is one half of the top earning celebrity couple of 2013 – making $53 million last year. But it’s not like she ain’t working for the money, honey.

The self-proclaimed workaholic has her hands in a number of projects including music, movies and fashion. Plus, she is on both ends of the business meaning she is not just the performer.

She founded Parkwood Entertainment in 2008 so she could essentially be her own manager. She told Billboard magazine she wanted to “be a powerhouse and have my own empire and show other women when you get to this point in your career you don’t have to go sign with someone else and share your money and your success-you do it yourself.”

And let’s not forget her major endorsement deals with Pepsi and H&M.

She is not afraid to challenge the status quo, like with her secret album last fall. Beyoncé said she was “bored” with the old model of album releases and wanted to “speak directly to [her] fans.” And though other bands like Radiohead and artist David Bowie have put out albums with little warning, this was especially unique because Beyonce is a pop artist. She is supposed to follow the traditional model.

She also gives back in a major way. Way back when she was in Destiny’s Child, the group founded the Survivor Foundation to help families that were sick or homeless because of Hurricane Katrina. She and Jay Z have also raised more than $1 million for the Shawn Carter Foundation, which helps send kids to college, and she also founded the Beyoncé Cosmetology Center – training women recovering from drug and alcohol addiction.

Carrie Underwood

This girl is serious about people cheating on her and budgeting. She is a coupon clipper!

“Doing the weekly shopping, I stock up on stir-fry kits, Amy’s meatless burgers, and armloads of onions and garlic. I put onions and garlic in everything. Ack—as usual, I forgot my coupons. (Yes, I do clip them!),” she said on a segment Rachel Ray.

She is also a tremendous humanitarian. Underwood’s charitable highlights include donating $1 million of her tour proceeds to the American Red Cross, starting her own foundation C.A.T.S. Foundation (Checotah Animal, Town, and School Foundation) to help with general causes, needs and services in her hometown of Checotah, Okla., and extensive volunteer work including cleaning out kennels at the Checotah animal shelter.
“Carrie is aware of the platform she’s been given and she wants to use it to save the world,” said Kenny Alphin of Big & Rich.

Ashley Greene

The Twilight actress hasn’t gone crazy even though she has had major film success.

“I’m lucky because my dad taught me to be frugal and save,” said Greene. “And that’s important because I want to know that I don’t have to take an acting job for two or three years if I don’t want to and that I’ll still be able to make my house and car payments and buy food for my dogs.”

Lady Gaga

Though Forbes says she is worth around $80 million, it doesn’t mean the girl is going to turn down a bargain. Yes, her costumes and sets for performances are expensive and over-the-top but when it comes to spending on herself it is a different story (though how much does a meat dress really cost?).
“I didn’t get into this business for the money, so I don’t spend a thing. But I am so happy. I am not bankrupt. Actually I spend no money at all,” contactmusic.com quoted her as saying. “It’s really funny because my manager often calls me and is like, ‘Did you lose your credit card? Did you cut it up? Did you lose it?’ He is like, ‘Why don’t you spend any money?’ It’s because I don’t. I have not gone crazy,” she said.

She even still lives in the same small one-bedroom apartment she owned before she became famous. She tweeted to her followers in December about her bargain buys: “Why do people look at me like I’m crazy when I use coupons at grocery (stores) or try bargaining at retail, I’M FROM NEW YORK WHERE IS THE SALE RACK.”

Lauren Conrad

People love Lauren Conrad’s style because it is attainable. Not only expense-wise but it is also practical. She doesn’t wear haute couture when she runs to the grocery store. She actually wears a sundress when it is hot instead of leather shorts and stiletto heels. And Conrad has built a successful fashion line for Kohl’s because she knows people like her style.

Plus, she is always giving budget tips on her web site LaurenConrad.com. She also co-founded The Little Market last fall with her partner Hannah Skvarla. They handpick products as varied as clothing, baby goods and homeware to feature on their site. The artisans are in turn paid a fair wage that allows them to better support their families with the help of nonprofit organization called Global Goods Partners.

Ashley Tisdale

This young actress (she is 28) has been diversifying her career since she was a teenager.

Though she had tremendous success with the High School Musical franchise, Tisdale has worked hard as a producer. After forming a production company in 2008, Blondie Girl Productions, she began working as the executive producer on films and television series including the ABC Family television film Picture This (2008), the unscripted series Miss Advised (2013), and the comedy series Young & Hungry (2014). She is also very involved in her charity work with St. Jude’s.


Image courtesy of gogirlfinance.com