5 Ways To Help Your Baby Sleep Through The Night


Hello there tired mama! Yes really, there are steps you can take without feeling like a bad mother or father, that can assist your baby to sleep through the night. And if your baby is sleeping through it means that you can too!

1. Don’t Expect Miracles Too Early

Source: Elephant Journal

Up until your baby is about 6 weeks old your focus is entirely on him and what is best for him. You feed on demand which is every few hours day and night. You are focused on the baby monitor and are at his side every time he starts to cry! And this is best for baby because his cries are the only way of letting you know that he is uncomfortable, wet, hungry or tired! When you answer his cries, he is developing a confidence in himself that comes when his needs are tended to. Your best bet to get through these first few weeks of your baby’s life is to try and sleep when baby sleeps. This is exhausting for new parents but there is good news.