5 Things NEVER To Do To A Baby


2. NEVER Let Them Cry

Crying babySource: The Gardian

Leaving a baby to cry is a torturous thing to do. When young babies cry out it is never for any other reason than communicating that they have a need that they are incapable of fulfilling themselves. Imagine reaching out for help and being ignored. How would that make you feel? Bad about yourself and angry at the people ignoring you! It is so much worse for a baby as their brain systems are still developing. By ignoring your baby’s cry you are training them to be anxious and distrustful of themselves and of others. Furthermore it is important to not wait for your baby to cry to alleviate the discomfort.┬áTo keep babies from crying, you must pay attention to the nonverbal signals babies give (restlessness, frown, grimace, flailing arms) and nip discomfort in the bud.




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