5 Things NEVER To Do To A Baby


This is such an important post for me to share with you moms! We all want whats best for our babies, but I bet you didn’t know that these 5 things can seriously damage your baby – for the rest of their lives! Dr Darcia¬†Narvaez, from Psychology today tells us 5 things never to do to a baby…

1. NEVER Ignore Them

mom_and_baby_reaching-980x500Source: Gottam Blog

¬†Communication with your baby starts in the womb through talking, singing and tapping. Newborns communicate with parents through grunting and arm movements. It is vitally important to communicate back to your baby. Good communication between you and your baby leads to positive outcomes such as conscience, prosocial development and friendship skills. By building a mutually responsive relationship you are creating an optimal environment for your baby’s emotional and intellectual development.




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