5 Potty Training Myths Nearly Everyone Falls For


When it comes to potty training your toddler we need to get a few myths out of the way first. I’m not going to sugarcoat anything here and tell you how things really are. The fact is potty training probably wont be a fun experience for you at first. In fact! it will be down right messy!

so, lets begin…

Myth 1: Just Sitting Your Child On The Potty Trains Them


So many parents believe that if they routinely place their child on the potty seat, they will soon learn how to use it on their own. This one could not be further from the truth and in fact, confuses the child further. Sometimes they will go in their potty if they happen to be sitting on it… but they will also still go in their diaper if they happen to be in it. This gives your child no clear direction on what to do when they have to use the potty.





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