5 Fruits & Veggies You’ve Been Cutting The Wrong Way!

You could try some of these tricks to make cutting and peeling food just a little easier.


1.) Cutting a Bell Pepper


Step 1: Start With a Sharp Knife


Step 2: Quarter Cut

Quarter each side of a bell pepper, and then cut out the veins and seeds.  Finally, simply slice each quarter piece into julienne strips using a rocking, forward motion with the knife.


Step 3: Round Cut

Cut off the top and bottom of the bell pepper (keep these parts though; they’re still good for stews and soups in future recipes).  Make a slit on one side of the pepper, peel back slightly, and then run the knife around the inside of the entire bell pepper: between the flesh you want to keep and the seeds and veins you don’t want to keep (essentially, you’ll be rolling the pepper out like a wheel).  Again, you’ll be julienning the pepper into strips using a forward motion with the knife.


Source: instructables.com




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