12 Weeknight Dinner Tricks For Moms


It’s not easy getting dinner on the table. Add a bunch of attention-craving kids, a depleting supply of provisions in the pantry, and a fast-approaching bedtime, and the task is near impossible. Before you scrap the idea of a home-cooked meal for a takeout menu, check out these scrappy solutions to some of the most time-consuming culinary tasks along with a few ideas for meals that take mere minutes to make. It’s as near to a miracle as we can offer this close to dinner time.

By: Kate Schweitzer for PopSugar Moms.

1. Always Have Fresh Herbs at the Ready

Image source: Flickr - Laurie Hulsey
Image source: Flickr – Laurie Hulsey

Tired of buying a whole bushel of fresh herbs only to use a teaspoon and then watch the rest go bad, until you need it a week later? Next time, freeze rosemary — or basil, parsley, or oregano — and olive oil in an ice cube tray. Just pop one in the pan when cooking.