11 All-Time Crazily Weird Children’s Toys

Fearured image source: imgkid.com

Robert Anthony of Elite Daily said in one of his article that:

“When it comes to letting your kid run wild in Toys “R” Us, it’s important to remember that not every toymaker thinks the same way we do. As a matter of fact, there are probably more inappropriate toys on the market for kids than there are appropriate ones. Most toys subtly feature violence, while others might feature racial undertones that go undetected. Other toys might even just be straight-up perverted. Let’s face it, no one wants their kids around that type of stuff. It’s bad enough children are being exposed to inappropriate cartoons and movies on TV without it going detected.”

I agree with him in that, because there are toys nowadays I will never let my children have – since they are simply inappropriate to be a toy for any kids.

Here are 11 examples of all-time crazily weird children’s toys.

1. The blue one is fine, but the pink one sort of looks like something else.


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Featured image source: imgkid.com