10 Smart & Healthy Cooking Tips for Working Women



10 Smart & Healthy Cooking Tips for Working Women

Cooking tips for a career woman must buy her some extra time in the office without compromising on her health. With that in mind, we got you some time-saving kitchen advice that will make your can’t-cook-tonight laziness feel lame. These will be the reason that will make cooking seem more appealing than eating out. You are free to invite friends for dinner just to show off your newly-acquired skills.

1. It’s in the oil

You have heard of picking the right oil and using it sparingly. The best way to use cooking oil in small quantities is to get a spritzer that ensures that extra oil doesn’t pour out. You can also get a silicon oil brush to brush the pan with oil instead of pouring it.

2. Replace chilli powder with genuine chilli

Packaged masalas are loaded with preservatives, so you can replace them with fresh ingredients. You can do away with red mirch masala and used fresh or dry chillies instead. Always, stock up on some freshly grounded garam masala because nothing bought from the shop will offer the same flavour or nutrients.

3. Flax seeds galore

Flax seeds are a rich source of Omega 3 fatty acid and there are many ways to enjoy its health benefits. Knead it with your roti dough, sprinkle some on your salad or just add it to your morning cereal and trail mix.

4. Lemon Zest

Lemon rind or zest is rich in Vitamin C. You can sprinkle some on your curries and daal just like coriander and grated coconut to add to the flavour. Zest is always welcome in salads and can also be used with your sandwich stuffing.

5. Use rock salt

While it is a known fact that salt should not be used in large quantities, you can make the switch to rock salt which are filled with nutrients. This works especially well with salads.

6. Stuff sandwiches and burgers with veggies

Extra veggies never hurt anyone. So, feel free to stuff your sandwiches and burgers with vegetables of your choice to make them seem like a big, fat, healthy version.

7. Fortify your food with fibre and protein rather than carbs

The same holds true when you make one-pot meals with pasta and noodles. Make sure that there are equal or more vegetable that the carbs.

8. Teas, teas and teas

Teas have the kind of health and beauty benefits that’ll make you experiment with their varied flavours. Indulge your tastebuds and body to some amazing teas.

9. Skip the mayo and butter

Your spreads can include hummus and yogurt dips instead of mayo and cheese. What’s best is you can add flaxseed to the yogurt for an extra nutrient punch.

10. Brown to White Switcheroo

Brown atta, brown rice and even multigrain flour should fill your shelves. There’s nothing like a little extra fibre for a healthy body

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